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The Best Glasses Styles Featured In New York Fashion Week

March 1, 2017Eyeglasses, What's In Style
Glasses At NYFW

Fashion Week is an exciting time for everyone. Anyone remotely involved comes out of fashion week with a new vision of what style is going to be like in the upcoming months. This year’s fashion week was better than ever as it showed us some really intriguing styles as well as the fashion community coming together on social issues. It is so fun to see how designers incorporate glasses to their looks and highlight the styles that will be so desired so soon. Here are some of our favorite trends we saw at fashion week this year, and some Goodwill Glasses that are in the fashion week trends that can help you be in-style.

Rectangle Shape

A classic shape for glasses and always flattering for the face, the rectangle shaped eyeglasses were set to make an appearance in NYFW. This shape is great and will always be in style because it makes a statement, while at the same time not covering up a lot of your faces natural and beautiful features. Runway models and designers everywhere are always seen rocking this shape of glasses. Find your pair of GoodWill rectangle shape glasses here

Eyeglasses Trends In New York Fashion Week


Aviators are such a great shape of glasses. They have been in style forever, and they are probably never going out! Aviators are always popular as sunglasses, but when you switch those dark lenses for clear ones, you have a pair of the trendiest glasses possible! Top designers are featuring this aviator style glasses on and off the runway. We saw so many great aviator styles at NYFW, but you can find your Goodwill style here:

Eyeglasses Trends In New York Fashion Week

Vintage Frame

At New York Fashion Week, we saw so many great vintage styles on the runway. So many old-school styles are going to be the new school in 2017, just like vintage frame glasses! There are so many great styles of vintage frames such as cat eyes, brow-line, and circle. Find Goodwill’s favorite pair of vintage glasses here:

Eyeglasses Trends In New York Fashion Week

Chunky Frame

Chunky Frame glasses are a great way to make a statement with your eyeglasses, and that is exactly what we saw at NYFW! So many designers were featuring great pairs of chunky frame glasses that made such a statement on the runway. A lot of designers were even wearing chunky frames themselves, that’s when you know they’re really in style! Find the best Goodwill pair here:

Eyeglasses Trends In New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is always a great way to be inspired and express yourself through what you wear! Goodwill is excited to be keeping up with the hottest eyeglasses trends in New York Fashion Week!