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Eyeglasses Throughout History

March 7, 2017Eyeglass History
Eyeglasses Throughout History

Eyes are the first thing people look at on a person, and if you wear glasses, this stylish accessory is the second thing. Eyeglasses represent so much about your style. They are multifaceted and are there to help with amazing aspects of your life. Glasses give you the opportunity to see so many beautiful things while being so beautiful themselves. Throughout the years there have been so many great styles of eyeglasses that made their mark in the fashion industry as well as so many individual’s lives. As a tribute to the history of the most stylish pairs of eyeglasses, GoodWill hopes to be your go-to pair in the future!

In the 1910s, 20s, and 30s, round lenses were extremely popular. This style is still extremely popular today in both eyeglass and sunglass form. These glasses were always worn by popular celebrities during this time period and stayed as a major fashion statement for many years. The glasses originally had plastic frames but shifted towards gold plating for a more pleasant look. This was the beginning of eyeglass fashion taking over in popular culture.

Brow-line glasses started to become extremely popular in the 1940s and 50s because celebrities started to wear them. These glasses were trendy after the Second World War and accounted for over 50% of all glasses sold. There were many different frame styles and colors eyeglass customers can choose from.

Cat eye glasses were also extremely popular around this time. These glasses were made popular by celebrities like Marilyn Monroe always sporting a pair! Marilyn Monroe was also responsible for making glasses a very popular accessory. These glasses offered a sophisticated look that was appealing to everyone. Variations of these iconic cat eye glasses started to develop into the 1960s.

Wayfarer eyeglasses started to become in style after it was introduced by RayBan in the 1950s. Celebrity, James Dean popularized this style and offered a more masculine feel to trendy glasses. The most popular wayfarer glasses were black rimmed and were known as G-men specs.

Nowadays we see popular variations of all of these historic styles. These glasses have molded what a glasses accessory should look like and how these amazing accessories can really make a statement.