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Let Your Glasses Be Your Window To Confidence

March 14, 2017Eyeglasses

There used to be a horrible stigma around glasses. Glasses wearers were always considered nerdy or associated with some sort of disability. For some odd reason, they were linked to negativity for no sort of reason.

Eventually, the style industry made a complete 180 and glasses became the most desired accessory. Fake glasses were being sold at almost every fashion store and a variety of different glasses styles were becoming popular. This was all the impaired eyed people needed to start feeling like the “cool kids.” There was no longer a need to find glasses to go with your outfits, but rather find outfits to pair with your eyeglasses!

Outfits To Pair With Your Eyeglasses

The perfect pair of glasses can shape everything about your confidence. Glasses let you see the most beautiful things in the world, including yourself in the mirror! The need for glasses is becoming much more common, and with so many different styles and personalities out there, there is the perfect pair of glasses out there for everyone’s face shape and size.

Getting a new pair of glasses now is a treat. Finding the new perfect style and bringing them home is similar to getting your makeup done, or your hair cut and colored! Right after you purchase your new glasses, the first thing is to show them off. The feeling of new frames on your face can give you such a boost of confidence. Glasses shouldn’t be considered a medical device—they are a style accessory that can and should completely transform your look!

Outfits To Pair With Your Eyeglasses

A new pair of glasses can really brighten up your entire outlook. Glasses are the vehicle to so many amazing things, and they should be given to anyone in need. At GoodWill, you not only give yourself the opportunity to look and feel amazing, and look and see so many amazing things, but you also give that opportunity to someone else, someone who does not have access to this wonderful style aid.

How wonderful have your glasses made you feel? Share your confidence boost story with the hashtag #goodwillglasses!