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Thick Rimmed Glasses: 10 Male Celebrities who Rock the Trend

April 24, 2017What's In Style

Thick rimmed glasses have been around for years, but referring to them as geek attire are a thing of the past. Now, thicker rims and larger frames make for the trendiest eyewear. Who would have guessed that Steve Urkel would one day be a leader in men’s eyewear fashion?

Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt has been a heart throb to many for years, and he only seems to be getting better as he rocks striking black frames.

David Beckham

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Leave it to David Beckham to make oversized square glasses look so stylish. The oversized frames had the potential to overpower Beckham’s face, but instead it just accented all of his chiseled features.

Taye Diggs

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Taye Diggs goes for a sleeker style with smaller lenses, but is still going for the bold with thick black frames.

Jon Hamm

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Even though Jon Hamm has also join the thick rimmed glasses trend, he’s switching it up with entirely clear frames. This gives a modern look to a classic style.

Harry Shum Jr.

harry shum jr thick rimmed glasses

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Harry Shum Jr. is making the thick rimmed glasses trend his own with his thick tortoise shell frames on the top and thin wire frames on the bottom.

Ryan Gosling

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He stole our hearts in The Notebook, and Ryan Gosling continues to steal our hearts now as he stares into our souls through rounded thick brown frames.

John Slattery

john slattery thick rimmed glasses

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Jon Hamm isn’t the only Mad Men star rocking thick rimmed glasses. John Slattery shows off his smart style with round black frames.

Childish Gambino

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Donald Glover, popularly known as Childish Gambino, puts a interesting spin on the ageless thick rimmed style by choosing red tortoise shell frames.

Zachary Quinto

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Geometric frames are certainly in style, and Zachary Quinto takes full advantage of the trend. His rectangle frames are strong, but complimentary to the rest of his features.

Gregory Peck

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Gregory Peck was rocking the thick rimmed glasses trend before it was even a trend. Atticus Finch was the man everyone looked up and aspired to be, from his sturdy morals to his stylish eyewear.