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Spring 2017 Makeup Trends for People Who Wear Glasses

April 27, 2017What's In Style
spring 2017 makeup trends

Not only are these the hottest Spring 2017 makeup trends, but they are sure to look fantastic underneath a pair of eyeglasses.

Brush Up Your Brows

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Bold, brushed up eyebrows are not only one of the major Spring 2017 makeup trends, but they are arguably the biggest trend of the entire year. Eyebrows naturally frame your face, which will only compliment your choice of stylish eyeglass frames.

Glow Up

Photo By makeupbyalaha

Eyeglasses can sometimes cast unwanted shadows near the eye area and around the nose. The best thing you can do is to contour and highlight your face to gain more control over how light and shadows cast on your face. Luckily, this spring is all about glowy skin. The visible your highlight is from outer space the better.

Dare to be Smokey

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A smokey eye is a sure way to make your eyes pop, which is a great makeup tip for people with glasses. The trick to really make your eyes stand out from behind the lenses is to line both the top and bottom of your eyes for higher intensity. Smudgy, smokey eye looks were all over the runway this season, including Giorgio Armani and Alberta Ferretti.

Add a Pop of Teal

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In Christian Siriano’s spring fashion show, models donned bright teal eyeshadow over the entire lid. As a more wearable version for the new season, you can simply add a pop of teal in the inner corner for a fun, vibrant look.

Bring on the Blush

Sara Anderson, photographed by Cassidy Turner (Source)

Another way to add some color to your face this spring is embracing rosy cheeks with plenty of blush. Opt for powder blush because it is more lightweight and therefore less likely to transfer onto your glasses.


Pair Bold Lips with Neutral Eyes

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When discussing makeup for people who wear glasses, it always seems to be about playing up your eyes. Well, this season bold lips are ready to have their moment in a starring role. Neutral eyes are a classic go-to with a bold lip, and it looks even better topped with a pair of cute specs. 

Freshen Up

Photo by jessmclements

During the warmer months, your skin will thank you for wearing minimal, fresh-faced makeup. One of the biggest Spring 2017 makeup trends is to make your face look as fresh as a new spring day. Adding a pair of eyeglasses will further compliment your naturally beautiful features