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Make the Most of Wearing Glasses in the Summer

June 29, 2017Eyeglasses
glasses in the summer

While sunglasses and summer are a perfect match, blurry vision and annoying eyeglasses get in the way of all the fun. Luckily, there are ways to make the most of wearing your eyeglasses and have your best summer yet! Here are our top ways to make the most of wearing glasses in the summer.

Sunglasses with prescription are a must.

What’s more annoying that having to wear sunglasses with blurry vision, or worse: sunglasses over your regular prescription glasses. That is cumbersome and inefficient. The solution? Put the two together! Sunglasses with prescription lenses are a great investment this season.

Consider transitional lenses.

Going back and forth between pairs of eyeglasses and sunglasses takes time that you could be devoting to fun in the sun. In fact, transitional lenses are great all year round. They are your one stop shop for clear vision and UV protection.

Try lightweight frames.

Summer is bright and warm. With this, the season calls for light clothing, light drinks, and light food. But don’t just stop there! Choose eyeglass frames that are also lightweight for optimal relaxation in the hottest months of the year.

Make sure your glasses fit properly.

Sweating on hot, humid days in the summer is only made worse with perspiration gathering around your eye frames. Plus ill-fitting frames can slide down the bridge of your nose, fog up quicker, and pinch your skin.

Use shatterproof eyewear when active.

Summer is a fantastic time to get out and be active. Whether it is bike-riding, rollerblading, running, or playing a team sport, being outside in the summer is crucial. However, activity and sports can lead to accidents, especially if you’re wearing something on your face that can shatter. Play it safe with shatterproof gear to prevent any emergencies.

Always bring a case for your glasses or sunglasses.

If you’re like us, summer means you’re always on the go. Keep a glasses case handy in your bag or in your car to make sure you always have a place to keep your glasses safe when they are not on your head.

Have lens wipes or cleaner on hand.

Eyeglass cleaner will be so helpful if you encounter any watermarks, hairspray, or even dog kisses on the lenses. Make sure you can see the world clearly at all times when wearing your glasses in the summer!