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Summer Eyewear Trends 2017

July 21, 2017Eyeglasses, What's In Style

Whether it’s switching up the frames or adding a pop of color, summer is a great time to have some fun with your look. We may be well into July, but it’s not too late to get on board with the latest summer eyewear trends for 2017.

Retro Aviators

They may look retro, but there’s nothing outdated about classic Aviator glasses. The wire frames keep it simple, while they shape keeps things interesting. As new trends cycle through, Aviators will almost always make the list.

Style: Lockwood in Brown

Warm Tones

As the sun comes out, you can compliment your freshly bronzed skin with warm toned frames. As shown with these New York Style frames in Yellow Tortoise Shell, the flicks of yellow warm things up without overpowering your face.

Style: New York in Yellow Tortoise Shell

Horned Rimmed

Another classic! Channel your inner Atticus Finch with these bold, smart frames.

Kids Style: Camden in Black Crystal 

Style: Peace Vintage in Brown


Just because these have half the rims does not mean these have any less wow-factor than the rest of this list. In fact, we would argue that’s what makes them so great.

Goodwill Glasses

Style: Cambridge in Blue Tortoise Shell

Color Frames

An easy way to catch attention is adding a pop of color to your eyewear frames. With that, this can be done in many ways that are as subtle or daring as you want. For an understated change, you can choose earth tone colors, like our Driven style glasses in Olive. On the other hand, you can go full force with any color you’d like. This goes for kid as well, like the kids style Maahi in Purple.

Style: Driven in Olive

Kids Style: Maahi in Purple