Millions around the world suffer from functional blindness due to the simple fact that they don’t have access to glasses.

In western society, it’s easy to take vision for granted. It allows us to drive to work every day, read books and look into the eyes of our loved ones. Most importantly, it allows our children the essential luxury of learning. How can we expect our children to learn if they can’t see the chalkboard or the book in front of them?

Research shows that by year 2030, refractive error is set to surpass HIV/AIDS as one of the top ten health issues affecting work productivity and opportunity. In developing countries, vision can mean the difference between being literate or remaining illiterate, working or not working, and having food or going hungry.

Founded in 2016, we present to you, Goodwill Glasses. For every pair of eyeglasses frames purchased, we will donate a pair to Remote Area Medical Charity.

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