Our Story:

Jas Kaur always had a perfectly healthy family, living in a town in New York, full of loving families around them.

The summer of 2014, her 8 year old son got ill and the family rushed him to the hospital. Within hours, his condition had worsened resulting in him needing to be put into an induced coma.

He was lucky to have had the prayers of everyone at his school and local community, in addition to the prayers of his own family. Looking over her comatose son, Jas realized how diligently the nurses and other staff took care of each patient. 

Jas felt extremely grateful to have her son where everything was right at doctors’ fingertips. From as complicated as a breathing machine, to as simple as an alcohol swab, her family was blessed to be in a hospital with both the access and means for proper care for not only her son, but so many others as well.

That was when Jas and her husband decided that they wanted to donate eye wear for people in need. Jas wants to help to save other children’s lives through this initiative. This is why for each pair bought, a pair is donated to their partner Remote Access Medical Charity.

A Message From Our Founder:

Goodwill Glasses – Make The World See


“Giving and sharing is important. Every child should be able to see better and feel good about wearing the glasses he/she has on. I’m very much inspired by giving and doing good for our nation and the future of our children. My inspiration to help comes from when our own child was in a coma and the staff and doctors helped to bring him back healthy and safe, thanks to the support of special friends and family who stood by us in this time of need. We felt that our life came to a standstill. If it wasn’t for the children’s hospital, I don’t know what would have happened.


That was the time we decided to do charity for a great cause. For each pair of Goodwill Glasses you purchase, a pair of glasses will be given to someone in need. We do good will together!”


-Jas Kaur, Founder of Goodwill Glasses

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