Quality Materials

All of our handmade prescription eyeglass frames are made from high quality metal and acetate materials. By using quality materials, we guarantee that your glasses are built to last!

All Hand Made

Each pair of Goodwill Glasses is carefully crafted, by hand. We believe in selling great quality, handmade prescription eyeglass frames that are made with love.

Our Plastic Frames

Our zyl plastic material is hand selected to assure conformity of colors among all of our plastic frames. Once the mold is cut to the frame’s design, each frame also goes through a rigorous, hand-inspection to be sure it meets our high standards, before they are mailed to you. This is all part of Goodwill Glasses superior quality.

Our Metal Frames

We use fine quality metal with uniform coloring, which gets spread evenly along the whole frame. Each frame is then molded and designed to be a perfect fit for each wearer’s face. The temples of our metal frames are always spring-hinge loaded for a secure fit, but also for ease during removal.